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Film and Movie Locations:

We are a team of professional property managers have years experiences working with film crews as liason to find the suitable locations.  We take into consideration many factors to make sure film crews are working in their best results. We are:

  • overall aesthetic
  • working financial cost to production budget
  • logistic feasibility including but not limited to distance from base of operations or other locations scheduled
  • availability of parking and facilities to keep crew and talent (principal actors or models and extras) safe 
  • availability of electrical power or feasibility of bringing in generators for lights and electrical equipment.
  • available light (indoors or outdoors) and weather conditions (outdoors)

Here are the locations are available:

1. 3360 River Road West Delta, BC

-Excellent outdoor swimming pool.

-45,000 sqft. Japanese garden and landscaping.

-beautiful 16 acres farmland backyard green view.

-breathtaking front 386' unobstructive river view.

-contains 3 buildings: main+north and southwing, detached 5 garage, seperate yoga house. 

-cross beam moden design all through the main building.

-private parking for trucks and equipemts loading.

-filming friendly neighborhood which make easy for catering.

-20 min. drive from city of Vancouver. 

-located in City of Delta 

Please visit for more photo and details


2. 1578 Chippendale Road West Vancouver

-Exclusive indoor swimming pool.

-29,000 sqft. garden and landscaping.

-beautiful water, mountain and city view. 

-European design all through out the property.

-lofty living room with 16' celing height.

-15 min. drive from city of Vancouver. 

-located in City of West Vancouver.

Please visit for more photo and details


3. 625 W. 53rd Ave. Vancouver BC

 -Exclusive 11' height ceiling all through main floor 

-European design all through the house wtih marble tile, chandalier.

-located in City of Vancouver.

Please visit for more photo and details


4. 2323 Constantine Place West Vancouver

-European design 

-open layout through living and family

-all 3 levels with unobstructive ocean, mountain and city view

-Located in West Vancouver


5. 2301-1011 W. Cordova Vancouver, BC

-Fairmount Hotel

-2,400 sqft with stunning ocean and north shore view

-located in city of Vancouver