Real Estate Services

Our promises 丨我們的承諾

We use the most comprehensive and proven marketing plan to promote properties for sale and get the best results. Following list is part of the marketing strategies used by Angelina Lin's team. We may use part or all of the following marketing plan to sell your property at our own option.

1. Multiple Listing Service: Exposure on the MLS [Multiple Listing Service] only if listed on Multiple Service Agreement.

2.  Advertising: We may print advertising in English and Canadian Real Estate publications.

3. Internet: We may place your property on our company websites, thru Real Estate Board internet exposing your home globally, only if listed on Multiple Service.

4. Our Open Houses: We may Market your property to buyers who visit Our Open Houses elsewhere, if we hold Open House elsewhere on weekends; even though, your house is not open.

5. Area Expertise: We may Provide comprehensive information about our community to buyers thinking of moving into the area.

6. Follow up: We may Follow up to get feedback from buyers and agents after the showings.
7. Cooperation: Homeland Real Estate team provide the full cooperation to our fellow realtors to sell your house regardless what company they work with.
8. Most of all, Angelina Lin Real Estate Sales team will promote your property during our agreement until the SOLD sign is placed on your property to give you the best representation at all times.

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